plastic laminated aluminium foil roll packaging process


Our roll comes in transparent material and aluminium material. Further more our aluminium foil roll is laminated with plastic that comes in two type of material which are plastic laminated aluminium foil and retort plastic laminated aluminium foil. They are ready-stock and customer do not need to be waited long to get it for food packaging. Customer may choose whatever measurement they would like to as long as it is within our maximum roll width.

Currently our maximum roll width is in 500mm and it can be cut out in many sizes. The roll is usually being cut out into common sizes such as 80mm, 100mm, 125mm and so on. The cutting length can be rolled up to 500meters, 750meters, 1000meters and it is depending on customer's requirement. As a result, the cut-out rolls would commonly be in a range of 80mm x 500meters, 100mm x 500meters, 150mm x 500meters and so on.